Schoolmarm at home

This is a photo taken probably 1915 or 16 of Cynthia Birdie Alice Beard-Bell when she was about 21 or 22 years old. She was the new schoolmarm for the little country school in Brogan, Oregon near the town of Ontario, Oregon. She lived in that tent, we’re not certain for how long, but it gets darned cold out there in eastern Oregon. I think I see frost and snow on the ground. She married Wayne Allen, my husband’s grandfather,  in 1917 and continued to teach school in Brogan.Upon her marriage, she moved into an actual home on a small farm near the school. The Allens raised 3 children on that farm where they grew grain and sheep until they closed the eastern Oregon open range policy  in 1934. At that time the family picked up and moved to Kings Valley, Oregon in the Willamette Valley.