Little Airstream Capsule of Love

a poem by

Dorothy A. Bell


In their little Airstream Capsule of love

Bride and groom indulged in all the pleasures of a honeymoon,

Exploring, tasting all the delights through June, July,

And the August heat.


But lovers have to eat.

The bride could boil water,

Handle a can opener with expertise,

She baked rolls of store bought cookie dough,

Turning them out golden brown.


Back then, love new and grand,

They cooked, all burners turned up on high

Encapsulated in their little silver paradise

The weeks melted by.

Too soon, the groom began to crave

More than love, and tuna with mayonnaise.


The bride, although very green

Had become an observant spouse,

Realized her mate was inordinately fond of pizza pie.


He also favored chili con carne

With lots of cheese, no onions please.


Fresh baked bread would win his praise.

Plotting and planning a recipe she began to formulate,

A recipe that would astound her mate.


Chili bean Pizza!

Is the banner she gave it.

Frozen bread dough thawed

And formed with her own lily-white hand.

Plenty of tomato paste, three cheeses and

a confetti of black olives, a dash of spice

and wah-lah supper in a pan.


A week drifted by,

happy bride, happy groom.

Then a haze most foul saturated their little paradise.

The stench threatened to turn their little capsule of love

Into nothing more than a stinky little can.


The power of the little red bean so terrific

the groom’s stamina was sorely put upon.

Her diligence to please her groom’s palate

Now had the bride hoist on her own petard.


They could find no breeze in summer’s heat

To sweep the blue vapor

From their little silver capsule of love.

Within, the heavy vapor clung to the sultry air.


The groom, in an attempt to give comfort to his bride,

Looked to find the humor in her inventive venture

Into cooking a-la-experimental.


The bride, taking insult, attacked with a punch to his arm.

The groom retaliated with fingers wiggling into her ribcage

No wonder a tickling match ensued.


Through their exertions,

Amid hoots, toots and squeals,

Toxic gasses escaped.


In the end, they agreed

Chili bean pizza would be reserved for special occasions,

Mother-in-law visitations, and days that carried a strong breeze.


With that settled,

The lovers resumed their pleasure seeking explorations

In their little silver Airstream capsule of love

And lived happily ever after. The End