Dance Hall Road E-book $4.99 pre-order available

Release date July 11, 2017 Dance Hall Road the first in a series of four. Do-si-do, Jo and the Pinkerton man

and one more as yet untitled. Look for Dance Hall Road in July, Do-si-do in September and Jo and the Pinkerton Man

around the first of the New Year.

A western romance

Buck Hoyt runs a whore house in the back end of nowhere. Scruffy and cantankerous, he hauls in the whores in the spring and sends them packing in the fall. In winter, Buck, a dedicated recluse, reads, writes and grows his hair.

But this winter, Petra Yurvasi, and her new born son impose on his solitude. Now shaved and shorn, Buck’s only purpose is to please and protect his woman and her child. Can he keep them safe from the evil brothers that want her silenced forever? If they face the evil together, they have a chance.


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WE have great news!!!!!!

Hartwood Publishing has taken me on. My Dance Hall Series: Dance Hall Road Do-si-do, Jo and The Pinkerton Man, Trick Rider will soon be available not only as e-books for your Kindles, Nooks and all e-readers but also in paperback. Yipeee! Stay tuned. First Dance Hall Road will appear for your reading pleasure the first of July, 2017. Can’t wait to see the first new cover. I’ll be swagin’ and bragin’.