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 Buck Hoyt runs a whore house in the back end of nowhere. Scruffy and cantankerous, he hauls in the whores in the spring and sends them packing in the fall. In the winter, Buck, a dedicated recluse, reads, writes and grows his hair. But this winter, Petra Yurvasi and her newborn son impose on his solitude, disrupt is routine. Now shaved and shorn, buck’s only purpose is to please and protect his woman and her child. 

   All Hell is breaking loose at Hoyt’s Hot Spring: Sabotage, kidnappings, passion aplenty. Everyone Do-si-do, grab your partner

   1889, Baker City Oregon, Pinkerton agent Ryder McAdam enlists the aid of novice schoolmarm Josephine Buxton to help him round up a family-run gang of train robbers and human traffickers. Their passionate partnership proves uncomfortable, inconvenient, and unconventional, an unliky match to last for all time.

   Oregon late 1800’s has never seen anything like Melody McAdam. Independent and beautiful, the feisty trick-rider and her horse Maji are traveling incognito when they meet up with Van Buxton the man who hopes to tame her wild heart.