Free Full Length Novel, Laura Creek Mercantile

Read a FREE FULL LENGTH Oregon historical western romance novel NOW. Snatch from Amazon Cloud at:

This is the story of how it all began. Read Wren’s story here, FREE. This is the first book in the Laura Creek Mercantile series and it’s yours FREE on Amazon cloud.

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4 thoughts on “Free Full Length Novel, Laura Creek Mercantile

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    1. Laura Creek Mercantile sets the stage for the two Laura Creek Romances that follow. It is Wren’s story, how she came to be in Laura Creek, how she acquired her mercantile and how the town supported her against the opposition of the mayor, and the dastardly attempt by her worthless Uncle to kidnap her. Follow the links to Amazon. I hope you come back for more. Thank you for checking in.

    2. I hope you’ve located the link to Amazon cloud on my blog. Laura Creek Mercantile precludes next two romances in the Laura Creek romance stories. It’s Wren’s story, how she came to be in Laura Creek to set up her mercantile and how the ladies of the town stood behind her against their mayor and thwarted Wren’s kidnapping by her maniacal uncle and her cousins.

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