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Reviewed By Peggy Jo Wipf for Readers’ Favorite

Dorothy A. Bell’s historical romance The Widow’s Ferry will keep you riveted as it takes you back in American history. Anora Claire Sennet’s journey began in the year 1841 when her father, mother, aunt, uncle, and she travel across the Oregon Trail to the Willamette Valley. The plan was for her father to start his own ferry business, ensuring the pioneers make their way safely across the Calapooia River. Arriving at her destination finds only Anora and her Uncle Ruben still alive. Because of horrendous events in Anora’s life, her mind shuts down her memories, and she loses three years of her life. Through the help of a neighbor, she remembers. With these memories come periods of anxiety, depression, and mental collapse. She doubts she can ever be whole again, but not as much as the town that depends on her service.

Touching on abuse and violence, Dorothy A. Bell writes a compelling novel that illustrates brutality at its worse. The Widow’s Ferry pictures the hostility of one man while showing the care and love of a better man. It wasn’t easy to survive and thrive during the earlier years of our country. This novel demonstrates that the will to live is vital. A man or woman who loses the will to live because of trials does not endure long in the west. The author brings these characters to life as she describes the harsh country and the battles they face. I could not put this book down, fearing the danger and judgment Anora would face. This novel made me feel raw as danger engulfed Anora continually. I was spellbound by the emotions and trauma she faced and the compassion and insight Hank had for her situation. I loved reading this novel and will look for more from this author.



 Buck Hoyt runs a whore house in the back end of nowhere. Scruffy and cantankerous, he hauls in the whores in the spring and sends them packing in the fall. In the winter, Buck, a dedicated recluse, reads, writes and grows his hair. But this winter, Petra Yurvasi and her newborn son impose on his solitude, disrupt is routine. Now shaved and shorn, buck’s only purpose is to please and protect his woman and her child. 

   All Hell is breaking loose at Hoyt’s Hot Spring: Sabotage, kidnappings, passion aplenty. Everyone Do-si-do, grab your partner

   1889, Baker City Oregon, Pinkerton agent Ryder McAdam enlists the aid of novice schoolmarm Josephine Buxton to help him round up a family-run gang of train robbers and human traffickers. Their passionate partnership proves uncomfortable, inconvenient, and unconventional, an unliky match to last for all time.

   Oregon late 1800’s has never seen anything like Melody McAdam. Independent and beautiful, the feisty trick-rider and her horse Maji are traveling incognito when they meet up with Van Buxton the man who hopes to tame her wild heart. 



Our tiny home, 352 square feet is set in a mobile home park. We moved in January of 2016. First order of business, hook up to utilities, sewer, water. Next: skirting and steps, gutters on both sides, deck, landscape. Inside, the choices for flooring and counter tops were dark for our Park Model home. We changed out the kitchen floor to a blue/green tile to lighten it up, then changed out the counter top to white with blue/green tile back-splash and trim, changed out the double well sink for a single well allowing us more counter space. The bathroom, very small, too much dark, changed it out, new sink in the corner to give more floor space, and lightened counter and added more storage shelving. In the kitchen, we opted out of having a full sized oven and range and went with a two burner hot plate and a very nice, efficient convection oven that broils and toasts. We also purchased a small sized refrigerator with a bottom freezer.

Our reasons: We no longer wanted to carry a mortgage, as we are both collecting social security and on a fixed income. We did not want to live in an apartment as you have neighbors above, below and to the side of you. And we have a dog and a cat and we wanted a yard, a small yard for a garden and a place to relax and hang out on warm summer days. Also, Mike likes to build things and he needed a small work shed and room to set up saw horses and plug in power tools.

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